Brandywine in White

The hot August sun filled the sky.    Simply elegance ~ all were dressed in white.  The tables were adorned with fresh flowers from the garden, candles and freshness from the kitchen. Food was abundant, laughter and smiles of good cheer.   Made new friends and at an event to remember.        …


Stepping into this world is so peaceful.   Water is abundant.  Climbing over stones, rocks, moss growing all around.    There is no where I have been that is so tranquil Miles of walking trails, climbing stairs through such amazing land. I could post hundreds of pictures of this best kept secret.    One of…

Simplify Life

We have gotten so caught up in life, there are days where we run from appointment to appointment with little time to breathe, notice the little things that make life great. The sweet smell of flower, the quiet trace of a duck swimming in the creek ~ embrace the day!  

Barn in Birmingham

The beauty surrounding Chester County is amazing.    The old barns and properties have amazing stories.    We just need to step back and embrace these relics. Bees thrive in hives, deer and ground hogs thrive in these natural surroundings.

Chesapeake Marina

Flags flying on Fourth of July, many boats didn’t make it into the water as of yet. Dry dock, rust and barnacles on the underbelly of the boats.    Water lapping on the docks, dogs greeting strangers all so peaceful.  

Hiking treasures

Just a short distance from home another treasure was found.    Old being made new. The structure remains the same ~ construction has started to create something new.

MINI Adventure

Co-pilot for the afternoon seeing the sites and sounds of Philadelphia.    Dozens of MINI Coup / Roadster’s take to the roads. Day filled with sunshine laughter and lots of twisting and turns.   MINIs hug the road! MINIs are as unique as their owners.