One year ago

One year ago I dropped off a dear friend at Chester County Hospital for an outpatient procedure. No one was permitted inside, I could not even wait to drive them home. I was told the nursing staff would call when I was to return. The morning was covered in dense fog and at at 6 am the streets were empty. Little did we know what the year held for us.

I chose to walk the streets and capture these images of a town scared and socked in. No place to get coffee – the Wawa’s and Starbucks were all CLOSED. My heart pounds now just remembering that morning. Walking down the middle of the street, silence. No cars, no buses, no people. Just silence.

The signs appeared on the stores, delivery or take out only. We started to see the signs posted for individuals wanting to enter the bank, stating masks required. As I wandered onward, still the calm and quiet of what was upon us and the unknown.

I don’t ever remember this little town tucked just outside of Philadelphia so still. Many of the businesses that were thriving then are gone now. I was grateful to have walked the streets and captured these images. They mean so much more than empty streets. Lives changed forever. The things we took for granted we proceed with caution now. What has been missing for me is my creativity, my self expression. 365 days – I have captured many images since that day and it’s now time for me to share these images.

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