Lost in the fog

Did you ever reach a point of burn-out. Frustrated with youself, with what you are doing and need to just step off the daily routine? It’s been a year of change, turmoil and figuring life out. What we knew as our normal is no longer available. We have jumped in with two feet and created this new thing, this new way of doing, being; but is it what our heart cries out for?

I needed time, I needed to step away, I needed the routine to stop – take time to read, wander and find my photographs. Getting lost in the fog that morning brought the clarity I was seeking. With the fog so thick and dense I knew the vasness of the water was just beyond me but was like a reflection in the mirror. I didn’t want to shatter this image, but want to weave a new. What is the new that I get to create? How magical that I had the time and the opportunity to dive into this silence.

What is available to you when you interrupt the norm? What have you always wanted but felt the guilt creep in and say NO you need to bla bla bla … we all do it, we stop short of letting go. We only get one life – today will never happen again and if I chose to not grab the camera. If I chose not to wander beyond my comfort zone. If I chose to play small – the magic of these photos would not appear before you. How many times do you step back and say – I wish I would have or damn, I should have just gone for it. Me too! To feel alive you can hear your heart beating in your ears. I am chose differently. That day lost in the fog brought clarity in the silence. I get to play in my creativity. I get to share what I have kept to myself for along time. I get to be the me that I was suppose to be along time ago. It’s the cross between my passionate side and my expressive creative.

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