Drivers Seat

Remember back when we waited anxiously to turn that magic sixteen years of age. We aspired to get our drivers license and get to sit in the drivers seat. IMG_1232The cool kids were the ones who had their drivers license and chauffered their friends around – I was now one of them.   I can remember the day my dad took me to get my drivers license, wow what fun it would be to, have my license and to have freedom and be behind the wheel.  Now I was actually a grown-up or so I thought.   That day was different, my dad was almost relieved he had another driver in the house – ME!

That afternoon he threw me the keys and said, ok so drive me back to work and you can have the car. Little did I know what that actually meant. Mom needs picked up from work then go get your sisters at practice and don’t forget to get dad when he’s done work at 9:30 pm. Boy was I tired that night. It took alot of energy to on not letting anyone down, being responsible and also focus. Oh, really hey wait, what???


Yep being in the drivers seat was not about being independent or flying solo, it meant being a contributing member of the household. Helping the family get from point A to point B and freeing up my dad’s time. 

Drivers seats as adults don’t always equate with freedom and being able to do what you want when you want. There are glimmers of opportunity, but is it really what we want or do we want a co-pilot to share the ride?

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