The Day the Doors were Closed

We sat in silence on this Sunday. The churches were empty as never before. We are sheltered in place. A church is more than just a building, it is a place where people come together. Many generations gather, elders marvel at the energy of the youngsters, while parents get a much needed place of solice. Not today, gatherings were held online. We have changed the way we come together, we now sit in front of our screens. The messages are the same however they are delivered.


This has hit us as a community, nation and world. The church has been a place of connection and community and with the state of the day, we were at home. The doors, no matter where you worship or gather were closed.

Driving past these building this morning thoroughly resonated the state of affairs; stay home, be safe and stay healthy. These buildings stand empty, no cars in the parking lots, no children full of laughter and giggles; its silent.

The doors were always open and inviting. In a society where we need the connections, we are now asked to stop. What is truly important to you, us – our family, our friends, our tribe and whatever that looks like for you. What will you do differently? What have you changed? I personally feel that my earbuds are now an extension to everything I do. The phone, texting, facebook messenger, and zoom have all replaced in person connection. Have you taken the time to reach out and connect with those that are important to you? If not, why not? Life is a gift and it should not be taken for granted. Too many people are dying these days.

We all long for the day when life resumes. Fill the baseball fields with the cheers. The high school athletic fields bustling with activity. But when and what will that look like when we can go and gather? We have been halted, and with every passing day, we acknowledge what has been missing. The slower pace, a time for family to gather play games, have dinner together and have conversations that matter.

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