Lost in your senses

Close your eyes and take a deep breath – what smell, scent brings you back to a time when your body, mind and soul was at peace?   Have you ever explored the possibilities of aromatherapy?    It’s time to take yourself outside and place yourself in nature.   So much is possible!   

Today’s walk in nature was magical ~ indescribable.    The greens were vibrant, the woods were textured and raw, sky filled with soft floaty clouds and the scents radiated through my being.    Getting lost in the scent of honeysuckle was the most calming, peaceful, erotic experience I have had in a very long time.   Why today?   Why was I totally present?   What was different that I was so connected with nature?   My only goal was to walk and experience nature and get Maggie – my pup some much needed exercise.   I felt my feet hit the ground, the gentle breeze that ruffled my hair, I captured the images in front of me through the lens of the camera – what I didn’t expect was the honeysuckle scent that enveloped me and drew me in.

Honeysuckle is a sweet woody scent, blossoms of white flowers that cascade from the trees above and surround the paths forward.  Like waves of pleasure radiate through my being.   What was different about today?    I always look forward to this time of year, there’s still some chill in the air, but the scent just speaks to my being.   Following the trail forward, up and down around the bend the waves of this just embraced and surrounded me.   

I believe in the power of aromatherapy and what it does to the central nervous system, but today was the most enchanting, invigorating walk in nature.     I can go all geekie on you and speak into the scents that lowers blood pressure, reduces the heart rate and changes your brain waves – honestly today I don’t care.   Even hours after this hike, I am still so in-tune and hypersensitive I can recall the tingling within my being.     The hike was exhilarating.   If you ever want to feel like you have turned up the dial on your senses – find a scent that resonates with your being and get lost in it’s magic.   So enchanting!

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