Into the mist

My soul comes alive with adventure. During this season travel has been diminished, but the need to see, be and do has not. Family brought me to Maine, but the beauty of the area it calls me forth. The hurricane was driving north through the states, while I stood on the coast. There was no view, I could hear it but what was beyond was obsecured from view.

The smell of the air distinct, there was no mistake. The ocean was in front of me, however the thickness of the mist did not permit you to see what was beyond. The roar of the waves and the ever present seagulls called me forth.

I have heard of the wonderous Maine coast, the rocks, the beauty but it was escaping me. I could not see beyond these amazing rocks. I wandered out to climb and explore. You could feel the bands of wind and pockets of rain as the outskirts of the hurricane danced through.

Life is funny. In as much time as it took to turn around and take a deep breath, the clouds lifted and the shore line releaved itself. I am drawn to the contract of water and rocks. The beauty of the coast does not disappoint those that are patient to see and uncover it’s raw edges.

I can sit on the waters edge and watch the wave roll and the birds dance and dive for food. There is something that centers me and fills my soul when I capture these beautiful images. It’s time to dance again with nature. Oh what pictures I have instore for you … just wait!

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