50 years

So few individuals find that partner that makes their heart sing and want forever, when a special couple finds the magic and celebrate their 50th anniversary ~ it’s time to celebrate. Family surround and embrace these special people, at sunset on the beach they renew their vows taken so long ago.   Capturing these special…

Maggie the Explorer!

The house was too quiet ~ time to add a little life and adventure with a puppy.    Maggie is a boxer, a little pit and a lot of lab by the love the water.    No water is left untouched ~ water bowl – flipped and carried, loves laying in the puddle!    Toilet,…

Back Beach

Off the beaten path, this sleepy little cover is full of magical surprises. The early days of summer bring sunrises full of promise.   The warmth of the sun feels amazing against the skin once covered by layers of clothing.

Beach in February

Feeling the crisp breeze against your skin – and the sun fueling your soul it is amazing. Walking along the quiet surf, experiencing the sun, water and fresh air speaks to my soul. Walking along the beach – footprints in the sand