Simplify Life

We have gotten so caught up in life, there are days where we run from appointment to appointment with little time to breathe, notice the little things that make life great. The sweet smell of flower, the quiet trace of a duck swimming in the creek ~ embrace the day!  


Time to step back and breathe. Embracing time and being still is a practice that most of us need to embrace.


Sundays are beautiful days to step back from the hussle and bussle of our daily lives ~ step into nature to breathe! Wandering the trails that follow the water present opportunities to capture nature at its best. So close to towns and villages but nestle into a little piece of heaven.  

Textures in Wood

I am an Aries, my fire sign is FIRE.   In order to fuel my fire I am attracted to the different textures of wood, trees and how they are presented in nature. Hiking the trails in Chester County present lots of opportunities to explore what nature has presented us ~ many are too busy…


Fall along the trails. Colors, textures, shapes all related but distinctively different. Moss, dried leaves, vines and hidden to the naked eye  


Afternoon soaking up the sunshine. Near the water and faint signs of spring all around.