The Crater

Stepping back into nature surprises me daily.    After a 3.6 mile descent into belly of the volcano the surface changed, the colors and terrain were harder.    Sitting in the office daily we lead sheltered lives, there is so much more to see and do once you step outside.

The views are amazing.  They take your breathe away.   Everywhere you look draws you in.    As we advanced forward, 3.8 miles lie ahead as we began the trek across the base of the volcano.


This was a last minute decision to take the day and explore the outside, I am forever grateful for this adventure.   All it required was a backpack, water and good company!   Silence was golden surrounded by the walls of this immense creation of nature.

We knew we were getting to the other side of the crater when we saw the sky meet us.   You could smell the sea air and the clouds were coming toward us.   Clean crisp air, gentle breeze and so freeing.


The picture shared here are only a small space of heaven.   Step out of your boxes and step into nature ~ the air is different, there is little need to talk, just be!



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