Green Eyed Wonder

Have you ever felt you were given a gift that truly was meant for you?    I rescued Maggie as a puppy no bigger than my shoes, adorable with those green eyes.

This little puppy grabbed my heart, she pushes my buttons and when I am sad, she snuggles up next to me to give me love.    Maggie is always up for an adventure, this little pup who was no more than 12 lbs has grown alot!

IMG_5963.JPGNow 60 lbs of solid muscle.   My hiking buddy who likes to sleep in, even when my alarm goes off early.   IMG_5872.JPG

Fireworks, door bell and thunder do not scare her.   Garbage trucks and wind storms will find her climbing into my lap for comfort.   If you have never had a pet , it is truly a special bond.


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