Beauty of the Brandywine

In Chester County Pennsylvania, there is a beautiful creek called the Brandywine.     There the water flows shallow in areas and deeper in others.   This is surrounded by hiking and biking trails that snake through the county.


As we wonder down the trail, fly fisherman are out on the river wading with their rods in hand hoping to catch a trout or just spend the peaceful afternoon in the sunshine.


The buds are starting to appear on the trees and a gentle green hue is appearing among the dried grass.    It is truly amazing how some of these trees find a stretch of ground and anchor their massive base.   The roots look like a hang holding on for life as it sprawls out and upward.


The base of this tree is massive and upon closer inspection – hollow at its base.   How can such a might structure be supported and stand so strong?   The water is its fountain, the rich and fertile ground around it provides all it needs.

IMG_6917 I am drawn to the water and its combination with the trees.   Its like taking a deep breathe and knowing it clears your head and opens up your heart.   In combination of sunshine and the body intuitively embraces this quiet calm.

If it wasn’t for Maggie my energetic pup who wants to play in the water, dance with the sticks and explore the scents of spring, it would be a perfect place to sit and soak in the afternoon rays!    What would you be doing on a beautiful spring afternoon?




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