Eyes of a child

Have you ever stepped back and watched a child, full of excitement and glee?     Everything is new to them.   Everything is filled with wonder and excitement.    When we are in the moment as a parent we forget to embrace those times when life is magical.


These eyes, maybe blue, green or brown.  But the eyes are so much more, rich in color and a true connection to our soul.   The beauty of the eyes, they reflect what is going on inside.

IMG_2775 (2)

These eyes watch us, take in our every move.  These eyes are our true connection and we take those moments for granted.   Be present to these loving moments.   When we lose sight of those eyes, those moments, we impact on our relationships.

IMG_2543 (3)

We get caught up in our own world of responsibilities and before long we have lose the most valuable prize; a true connection that can speak beyond words.   The connection to our heart and theirs.    Many of the people we look at daily have lost that heart connection.  The happiness that dances in the eyes of a child.

IMG_2828 (4)

Work, responsibility and sadness takes over our life.   Or we chose to mask those eyes for fear of people will see how truly empty we are inside.

070 (2)

Life keeps marching on.   We need to find our hearts, we need to step aside of whatever our preconceived ideas are what we are suppose to be and reconnect with our heart.    As we age we ultimately want love and to be loved through the eyes of child.   Stop holding yourself back.

IMG_2974 (3)

My challenge to you is to sit knee to knee of the most special person in your life, hold hands and spend the next 5 minutes in unspoken silence reconnecting to their heart.    What how that changes you!    Let me know your results!












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