Gray days of January

I need to take my dog Maggie out on a daily basis but man was it a cold January morning.   My dog loves to be off the beaten trail exploring the scents in nature. img_5762

That day I chose to stay close to home.   And as always, I have my camera in hand.   Boy capturing great pictures on this gray day was tough.   Nothing jumped out, nothing provided contrast or fun.     As I ventured onward deeper into the park, I didn’t realize that an extension of the Brandywine ran through the park.   Hmmm, maybe just maybe I will find something that speaks to me that day.img_5789

Water calls to me and any form provides a source of imagery.   That with a little snow and ice and I think I found some images that have caught my attention.   Maggie was definitely happy finding new areas to sniff and explore and as long as I keep moving she is happy.

The weather didn’t deter these ducks from frolicking in the water.

There is so much to see and explore in this area and I am choosing to find those areas that are not live and in our face.    I want to you be able to embrace the beauty in those images and see how magical life can be out from behind that desk, outside of the gym and when you off the television.

As I rounded the bend and ventured forward toward the bridge and home.    The abundance of rain and debris lay against the bridge.   The volume of silt closed off one of the channels for the water to flow.

The bridge is showing its age and the wear and deterioration.    I did embrace the day.   Maggie had a great time and I actually did capture some images that would not have otherwise appeared on this gray day in January!


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