Rolling along

The sky opened up to the crisp blue that makes my heart sing.    A perfect day to be outside and explore what is so close, but never realized.    The hills of Chester County are an abundance of beauty and trails mixed throughout.

img_1852 (2)

I have driven past the parking lot many time and never realized the treasure that was on the other side.    The land was muddy and filled with puddles, but the day was clear and the sun shined bright.

The hills rolled gently.   Cheslan Preserve was expansive and I just kept wandering deeper into the fields.

I have come to hiking and embracing nature later than most.   I am shocked and blown away that I am so called to the explore and wander in the woods. IMG_2004.JPG   I was not the hiking boots, backpack kinda girl and with time I have found how much I truly love embracing nature.     My heart sings, my brain clears and all of the distractions of life with the to do lists disappear and my soul truly is at peace.

My list of places to explore continues to grown and the abundance of photo I acquire are beyond anything I can publish here.   But I will promise you that I will continue to capture the images of nature and share my finding with you.

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