Contrast in the Trees

As a child I don’t remember any fascination with nature, trees or rocks.    As I child we were shipped outside on those summer days to “GO PLAY”.    A backyard filled with a swing set, a healthy dirt pile and open field for softball.  It felt like a chore to go outside in those early mornings.    I was a girlie girl!   I wore the dresses and didn’t want to get dirty!    Sweat was reserved for the dance studio.


We had the special treat of the swimming pool, and that time was allocated for the afternoon when all the chores were completed.


The colors of nature, the textures and shapes surround us daily and are taken for granted.   My eyes are drawn to these unique and abundant and ever changing experiences.    Nature is truly an experience to be enjoyed.


As I step into the hiking boots I am drawn to the richness of the surroundings and am choosing to capture these moments and share with you!


The contrast of the wood against the light colored sand and the dark greens is ever changing as the sunlight shifts throughout the day!     Some days the sky is so vibrant you can reach out and touch it.   No one else is on the trail.


The abundance of photos I capture in nature needs to shared so you too can enjoy and appreciate nature at its best!


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