Relics of Ole’

Wandering the west side of Pennsylvania I came upon these beauties that were once in their prime.   Now dis-guarded and long forgotten.  They sit raw and exposed to the elements with no claim of ownership.     Driving through the back roads I road past them only to be called back.   I turned around to capture photos of these relics.


They sat just off a corner stop sign.   There was no house near, no one to claim them.  The weeds started to take over and the tires were flat.   Is this how we treat items that no longer have value in our life?   Do we just put them aside and hope they will disappear from sight?


This once pristine horse trailer carried prize possessions of a little boy or girl, attached to a truck to pull this along now sitting abandoned.   Were they apart of a farm, were work horses carried in this trailer or was the animals apart of something bigger?


Wandering further into the field, more equipment emerged.   Now rusted, the motors seized left behind for scrape.    Time has stopped for these pieces of the past ~


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