These past few years have been filled with self discovery; and with self discovery comes acknowledging what calms me, what inspires me and who is my authentic self.   Growing up I was a dancer and identified as such.   I never participated in skiing or any kind of organized sports.   But a dog was always apart of my life, welcome Maggie!


My sisters were avid basketball, softball and volleyball players.   I stayed inside at the barre with hours in a dance studio.    Who would have know how much would like the outdoors, hiking and adventures?   NOT ME!!


When I need to center myself, think and really turn off the outside world, I head into nature.  Between the water and wood it balances me.    The local state park has an abundance of trails surrounding this glorious lake. IMG_8718




I know it well and it has been dubbed “my happy place”.    Today I wandered off with my counter part in crime – Maggie!   Never and argument, always up for fun with new scents to explore!

As we ventured forward, the lighting was perfect and through the trees this majestic tree lay on its side and called to me.   I have visited it often.   Today was just amazing with the way the sun cast it shadows on this beauty of nature.


There is no other way to describe this other than majestic.    As with everything, time has taken its tool on it’s structure.   The moss that is on the surface enhances the curves and brings out the depth of it’s branches.

The grains of the wood seem to move, curve and bend as it lays among the dormant ground.    This tree speaks to me.   It is solid and grounded though long past it’s prime.   It lays on its side to provide shelter and nurishment for the abunance of creatures it supports.  IMG_8899

Some days we just need to stop and embrace the moment and acknowledge all the beauty that surrounds us.   With technology and the every changing world we live in.   Nature is a place to reconnect and BE.   I am chosing to BE present and finding these treasures to share!

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