Dance with nature

I have hiked this path many times and it calls to my soul.   Today was different, the snow fell yesterday and the sun was shining through the trees so off we went. IMG_0753   This was an adventure to say the least, tucked back in the woods the pathways were covered with snow and the deeper we went the more interesting it became!!!

IMG_0754The snow embraced the land and covered the rocks.  This area has an abundance of rocks and bolders.  IMG_0844

On good days, we – Maggie and I would climb up and over and around then through them.   Not so much today!    The snow created depth and contract in textures.    Some of the trails were an easy pass while other’s were definitely difficult as we broke the surface explosing the nature just below the surface.

Every step was a dance.    Few were out on this beautiful afternoon, but the images I was able to capture show the generous amount of rocky terrain and hills we tackled.    My body loves to be challenged and to say that coming down the steep path, the adrienaline kicked in Maggie wanted to slide to the bottom.

Maybe that’s part of the reason we get along?

IMG_0917Would I do it again – YES!   Would I do it differently – YES!     My spikes would have been a welcome addition to this adventure!    But I did make it down that hill!


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