Sunflower Smiles

Late summer sets in and the fall flowers arrive.  Sunflowers are tall and majestic and seem to have their own personality.    These flowers so speak to me as they smile and wave in the sunshine.IMG_9233A very clever business owner used a plot of land next to his business and planted hundreds of sunflowers.


He planted a field of sunflowers, which has attracted hundreds of people all catching a rare glimpse of the beauty of these sunflowers.

You find families taking portraits, dance teams leaping through the field,  couples catching the right light for their engagement photos.    Children running among the rows.IMG_9263

He carved a little bit of heaven out of a plot of land that no one paid attention.

He gave people a reason to drive out in the county.

He gave people a reason to smile!





As the sun sets the sunflowers time to shine wanes, like a small child it is their time to rest and rejuvenate.   Until next time!


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