Rocks and Waves

I am so at peace with the ocean.   When you add the element of rocks or in this case boulders my heart sings.  IMG_2730 - Copy.JPGChallenging  to climb and find the top with no one saying STOP!       I could sit on top of the monster wall – silently watching the waves crash.  The fine mist of salt water gently rising above the wall, like dancers choreographed to their own routines.IMG_2755 - Copy

The beauty and the weight of this magnificent combination is breathe taking.   Capturing the perfect angle, the perfect rock, the sun and water off in the distance gets me lost in time.

IMG_2698 - CopyI get lost in the dance of the water and how everything is so perfectly timed like an orchestra on Que.

I am an Aries by birth, a fire sign.   Water is my opposing element but so fills my soul.

I welcome you to experience the true power of the water against the rock!


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