Lake of the Clouds

I started my trek to the Lake of the Clouds out of Crawford Notch.   We transcended Mt. Webster and its cliffs.    My ribs bounced off a few of them and my belly was grateful for the connection.    With the 20 lbs pack on my back the climb continued to Mt. Jackson  We continued on the presidential mountain range of New Hampshire.   Every step forward on this grand hiking adventure was new and different.   Unsteady and many feats I never expected or anticipated on the climb.   With the first day complete, we covered over 6 1/2 miles.

As the second day of hiking began, the mileage would be shorter but the challenges greater.  Up over Mt. Pierce and skirted around Mt. Eisenhower over Mt. Franklin.   I thought we would go around Little Monroe but trail work and repair put us on the path to maneuver the rise of Little Monroe, which was NOT little and then onto Mt. Monroe.   I made it or so I thought! IMG_1294

The decent into the Lake of the Clouds hut meant I needed to slide down some of the rock face on my butt!   I never realized I could wear out the seat of my pants sliding down seer rock face.  The cliffs were steep and the terrain dangerous.   I could see the hut off in the distance, but it didn’t really register what I had to accomplish to get to this magical place.    I didn’t really appreciate it til I was able to experience its magic and there is no other way to describe it!

We arrived early that afternoon and I was able to explore the area.   The winds that day were fierce and cold.   I layered up and set out to capture pictures of this beautiful area.    What I found was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  IMG_1270

The peace of the area was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.   The lake with its vivid blue water, crystal clear to its bottom.   The rocky landscape surrounding this lake brought a sense of calm you just wanted to embrace.   Though the winds wiped around me, the tranquility was a heavenly experience.

I didn’t realize how utterly amazing this place would be.   As I look through these photos taken in July, I still feel the rush, peace and calm that this region offered me.   Tucked far away from most peoples eyes I wanted to take in every nook and and trail surrounding the area.



The greens were greener, and I truly was able to get lost in this moment.   I have no idea how long I was sitting among the rocks.   When I get tangled up in the stress of the day to day life – I return to these photos.   It grounds me and opens up my heart to the beauty.

Lake of the Clouds was truly an event I will never forget the rest of my life.   It took me over 11 miles of hiking to get to this treasure in the sky.


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