Up close

Deep into the woods I came upon an train parked on the tracks.    We have heard them off in the distance, the sound of their whistles as they roar through the towns.   Stopped at rail crossings as we wait impatiently to move forward, but have you ever been up close?

One afternoon I stumbled upon this train sitting idle on the track.   Quiet and calm, bigger than life.  I wandered down the tracks captivated by its side and detail.    The doors were massive and surprising there were no locks on the doors.

Standing beside the train the lock was above my head and there was no way to even attempt peaking inside.    These cars had a lot of different items from liquids to lumber and steel.

Some of the cars became signature statements for artists.  These massive cars were adorned with the creative statements.   Others were not as decorated.

As the day began to wane you could hear pumps and fluids stirring among the cars.   Everything had been silent and slowly but surely this idle giant began to come awake.   There was nothing that jumped out at you but there was a sense that the hydraulics and brakes were starting to release.

As I started back to the path you could hear off in the distance the engine come to life.    I am grateful to have been able to experience this gentle giant in its calm state.    I walked the length of this train, over 70 cars long.

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