Winter Solstice in the City

The evening started with a Christmas concert in the city.   Filled with the energy of the season and camera in hand to explore.     The night was warm for a December winter night and the rain gave me a free pass to explore without being damp.

Headed toward city hall and stumbled upon the winter garden, though closed for the night the lights and people abound.   These unique winter creatures were poised as the center attraction surrounded by the lights and greens of the season.


City Hall shown bright in the sky.   It looks Gothic, its ominous prescience can be seen from many directions within the city.   Lights from the adjacent buildings illuminating the nooks and crannies of this centerpiece of the city.

The depth and dimension of the sky and in contrast to the building created an an incredible palette for pictures.

Wandering the sites, it was surprising to see that the city had changed the street lights to LED’s which shifted the softness of the city to a harsher contrast.     The street lights took center stage as opposed to those enhancing the buildings of this majestic city.

* Note to city – turn down the intensity 🙂

IMG_1202 (2).JPG

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