Abandoned but not forgotten

My fascination with abandoned building got the better of me one afternoon.   En-route home after an adventurous hike, I was driving past this old complex.    It is no longer open to the public but I love capturing unique structures.img_0671

Approached from the fields below, the grounds are overgrown, the windows are broken and the doors are ajar-ed.      It was quiet and creepy.    Many lives have past through those doors and many lives ended there.img_0769



Paint was peeling from the walls, ceilings were falling down.   Doors were broken and I proceeded onward.    In walking the halls the rooms were small with enough room for a twin bed, and to turn around.


I ventured forward, found many large day rooms with cubical s along the side.   It was bright and expansive.   There was a lot of graffiti that decorated the walls.   It was a sad place.   You could feel the heaviness of time and despair.


As I moved onward, I came across this room with the baby carriage.  The wheels were broken and it sat in the middle of this open place.

All of the beds and supplies were removed.   The nursing stands were in disarray clocks were gone and many windows broken in this place.   I wandered through 2-3 building and finally came to a point where I must leave.    It was a dark hallway and it was the end of my journey visiting this place.   There were many sad souls left here and I feel that this place needs to be left in peace.   I chose to walk away.




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