Canopy of nature

The sharp and distinct contrast of the trails on this cold December day were a reflection of the season.     We had crossed over the state line into Delaware.   As I ventured deeper into the woods, there are some trails that come alive the further you go.  img_0378This trail had little or no character to it.

The small bridges spread throughout the park urged you onward and deeper into the park.  I am intrigued by character and contrast of the wood, this was just trails without depth and dimension.    We continued onward.  Crossing bridges and winding around the rise and fall of the hills we continued onward.


Our goal for that day was to be out in nature and explore a different trail system.    It was an old and established trails though it had patches of ice that day.   But that didn’t stop her from pulling us forward.    As with all our hiking adventures, we will return try a different entrance, a different path and maybe uncover the gem of this area which was hidden that afternoon.img_0475

We had a good afternoon out hiking.  Its always a fun time in the fresh air with Maggie by my side.  Here’s to more adventures … img_0433


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