Beauty in the snow

A lone kayak appeared on the dock.   The lake frozen as winter set in.    A quiet surrounded the grounds.   The benches were covered with snow and a few birds lingered in the brush.


I have never visited the lake during the winter and on this snowy morning I was mesmerized by the beauty.   There was a haze that appeared above the lake and pockets of ice kept the water calm and quiet.


All of the boat that were set along the edge were gone.   The wooden docks removed.   I am drawn to the water.   I am drawn to the beauty, calm,  and quiet of the area.    I drove past fields of horses eating not fazed by the snow and the changing weather.

img_5202I can remember back in high school working with pen and ink.    And creating magic from nothing.   As I scan the photos and those rare images of magic appear among the many.    I am drawn to the contrasting images.   The beauty of the snow against the tree, rocks and pathways.

The mirror image of the trees against the water can never be captured with the lighting and mist as it was.    I am learning to BE in the moment as opposed to forging forward just to capture the images.

I am grateful to the beauty as it appeared.


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