Water and Ice

The day was crisp and clear as I ventured out.    The white trail was not far from home and the need for a challenge was the plan for the morning.

drift wood.JPG

Maggie was only too happy to sniff and explore new directions.  Up over the hill and down ~ today was different as the weather was rather nipper and no one was out!

Wandering not far from the entrance of the trail I came upon this spring house.   The water bubbled up and fed the creek below.   The greens covering the exterior wall of the spring house and adjacent tree were rich in color and loving the crisp water that was feeding them.

vines 1.JPG

Onward we ventured up the path.   I wanted to see if the lake was frozen.  This would take us to the backside as I followed the winding and weaving pathway.    Though the sun was out and shining through the trees, I still managed to find patches of ice.


Rounding the bend and finding the clearing, I knew I was close.    The lake was silent as if standing still for a photograph.    The reeds that stood along the edge were tall and straight, while the wind was calm.       Ice crystals lined the shore line.

That morning I had the time to take in the magic, to be still and breathe.    I am drawn to the water, well today it was ICE.  The whole lake was frozen.   You could stand above the cliffs and see through to the bottom where the rocks were clustered.

Following the shoreline around and up over the dam.   Signs of ice warnings were posted along the edge.    There were hawks off in the distance, but never came close enough to capture them in flight that morning.

Ice reflection.JPG

Nature never fails to amaze me.    I visit here often and this is the first time I have seen the sheen of ice on the surface.   The reflection of the trees in the water were mirror images without the ripple of the wind or moving water.    Love starting the day outside in the fresh air and sunshine.     Join me again as I explore the beauty that surrounds us!


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