Brrrrr ….

Sub zero temperatures, snow on the branches of the trees.    The lighting was perfect that morning and the sun shown through the trees. Springton Barn.JPG

The barn off in the distance still had the snow on its roof.   All the animals were tucked away from the weather.    It was way too cold to venture forward through the trails so I cheated this day, I drove from location to location as opposed to walking, but when the weather was 4 degrees it was not worth it!     The park rangers were still clearing off the lots for visitors at that hour.

Yes, that tree is featured twice, with different filters ~ it is gorgeous and so calls to me!   Strong and solid, the twists and turns of the branches, how the snow is captures on this beauty speaks to me.    I come back to this park just to capture this image.

When I am unable to focus or get clarity ~ I grab the camera and head to nature.   It calms me, nature speaks to me and I truly get clarity.   Living in Chester County I am surrounded by an abundance of raw beauty in nature.    Capturing this picnic area  untouched by footprints in the snow surrounded by those evergreens are magic I seek.      Early sunrises or sunsets have those lighting opportunities I so rarely get … I am choosing to leap at these moments.


picnic in snow

Here’s to next time ~ fun adventures in the snow!



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