Wanderpup @ the beach!

Here’s a dog who thinks she is a person.   There is never a day that you can get out of the house without her running to the door.

I can remember my kids always wanting to go for a ride ~ well my kids are grown and gone, Maggie now races me to the door!


Maggie is truly a special dog and came into my life are the right time.   She has forced me to step outside of the norm.   This pup wants and needs to explore, wants and needs to be outside and is always up for adventure.


This fine day we found an open beach for her to explore and play in the waves.  The water temperature didn’t matter to her.   She chased the surf, tried to step on the waves and dug in the sand.   Watching her play in this new environment was fun to watch!

Everything is a toy, everything is something new to explore.   As the sun began to set, the temperature dropped and Maggie adorned her stylist coat.     As we ended the day one final picture as if she knew to sit and pose.


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