On the backside

The water was calm and the sun was bright.   In the midst of winter finding a rare day when the winds are calm and the temperatures reasonable.    The draw of water attracts many, but in the quiet of February few were near.


I am stepping into a new direction and road trips and water help me find my center.   I get to breathe and get lost without the wear and tear of hiking in the hills, don’t get me wrong I love that too!    I get to sit and embrace the sun, feel the wind and experience being centered – at least that was the goal.


I truly have a hard time slowing down.   When attempting to sit calmly and breathe, I have recognized I can take 5 breaths before my need to fidget, scratch, itch, readjust my foot or finger.

IMG_4465Wow that was something I had not acknowledged and to think this is calm for me.   It blows my mind as I really hate to see what I was like before.   Nervous erratic energy, no focused and I felt like I was in a good place.   Not so much!!

I am exploring this new side, embracing the BE – BE in the moment, BE still with self.    What is opening up for me is clarity and being one with self.   Opportunities to explore meditation.   I am noticing the small things, the birds that fly by and watch the movement in the water.    As I venture forward, I am intrigued about what will come up forward.

IMG_4453 (2)

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