Avalon in February

Life is full of road trips and the winds took me a beach in New Jersey.   The sky was clear and the winds calm for this time of year.


The area is usually full of hustle and bustle in season but this day it was empty.   The temperature was just a bit too cold for my toes to be in the sand that afternoon.


I find calm and peace near the water.    Sitting in the sand while watching the waves mesmerizes me as the minutes and hours pass.  The sun feels warm on my face as the dog plays with the sticks around me.


No one can be seen and I focus just being present to the beauty of the water!    I have heard that there is a family of dolphins that play in this area as I watch the horizon.    Life disappears around me.    Note to self, my next road trip will include a chair for just such afternoons.


As the day begins to wane, I can feel the temperatures start to remind of February again.   As we leave this beach, I am grateful for the day of quiet solitude and off to catch the sunset further down the shoreline.


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