Maggie @ the Beach

I love watching children play in the sand.   The freedom of exploration and movement, the delight in their senses well the same can be said for a dog at the beach.


Everything is exciting.   The sand, rocks and water all create a delicious field of adventures.   Catch a wiff of a passing dog, remnants of food left behind and various fish smells only her nose can detect.   Maggie is a thinker, she watches and takes it all in.    She is strong willed and determined to have it her own way … maybe that’s why we get along.    Maggie is also a lover who just wants to please and be loved.


Today Maggie has the whole beach as her playground.    Carrying seashells around like they are her stuffed animals, running and jumping in the waves.    The sun is shining and the winds are warm.

As I watched the waves and began to relax, Maggie chose to dig.   If you have seen my backyard, you know the craters she has created over time.   Dig in the hole then lay in the cool mud!    Sand is her perfect playground and boy did she send it flying.   So much fun!

Maggie is always up for fun ~ racing me to the door daily.   Car rides, grocery store or the possibility of finding mud puddles in the woods.   Until next time – many more adventures to come!


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