Lines in Nature

Another day into the woods as spring opens around me.   We run through our days without acknowledging what is happening around us.  IMG_2195Today as I stepped forward into the woods I was struck by contrast of the wood to greens.  IMG_2243The growth of spring has exploded around me with buds and baby leaves surrounding me.

The lines were distinctive as the trunks stood as soldiers along the path as I ventured deeper into the park.  IMG_2209The sun shone bright through the canopy above.    The winds roared and whistled above.   It was cleansing  as the spring air is shifting to the brilliance of summer and the possibilities of new growth.    The day was magical and the birds were out in abundance dancing and singing.

There are days, I think I am to hike in a specific park or on a specific trail but nature always had other plans for me.   Lack of parking, crowded area or as simple as I missed the turn.    I always end up where I am suppose to be as I am learning to trust – I would have missed this beautiful afternoon if I tried to control the outcome as opposed to being open to the possibilities.




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