Yellow Trail

The day started early and off into on the Yellow Trail I go.   Maggie is loving the smells of spring as we venture forward.  IMG_1515.JPG Off to a switch back climb and the calves are starting to wake up.  The green hues of spring are appearing and the sun is bright with the crisp air of spring surround us.

The winter winds were rough on this part of the trail as there are alot of trees that have fallen.   Lots of timbers are on either side of the trails as we continue deeper into the woods.

This is my spring training.   Waking the body up in nature, listening to the birds sing their mating calls.   I am training for a bigger adventure this year.   I need to put miles under my feet.   Last summer was 25 miles in New Hampshire, this year it a 4 day span it will be 40 some miles, so every day counts!


The richness of the smells that surround you on this early morning are fresh and inviting.   Onward we move up over and around as the path twists.    The hills become steep then level out.   The sounds of suburbia have disappeared.   No more cars, trucks or buses only the sounds of nature.   A scampering of leaves or a set of squirrels playing tag and of course the birds filling the air.

IMG_1546.JPGPlank walkways cover a muddy bog area as the trail winds and weaves forward.    Losing track of time but every present to time.   I know I have commitments and  obligations outside of this beauty but the trail calls me forward.    Climb up a steep rise the lake appears in the distant.    The water ripples as the breeze blows forth.

There is still not alot of shade as it is still early in spring.   Within a month, this trail will look an fill different as the foliage opens around me.     Maggie is attracted to the water as much as I am.    So its a quick stop for a quick splash and off we go.


The next 30 days will be filled with lots of hiking as I get my legs under me.   I share my adventures to inspire you to get outside.    For many years, I was disconnected to nature and that beauty, tranquility and peace that can be found within the trails!


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