Herd of Horses

Wild horses are apart of the natural culture on this beach.    Driving down the coast line and to stumble upon this herd took my breath away.   These majestic creatures are wild, wonderful and are able to freely wander this stretch of land.


Stepping back and watching as they move, you will notice there is a community.  They walk with each other and engage like they look out and care about the cluster.IMG_5662



There are a few that stand alone, watch and guard the herd.   These animals were calm and stayed in their tight nit collective.    I expected them to be defensive or aggressive in nature, not at all.   The moved with purpose and grace.   Gently glancing at the stragglers that were lagging behind.   These are wild horses, they were strong and muscular.  Their coats were smooth, their manes floating freely in the breeze.


The sensed people were watching and seemed to pose for pictures though keeping their distance.   Honoring their space my camera was able to capture them without disturbing.

There were about twenty in the cluster, some were paired off as in couples and others moving with the pack.   They nuzzle and exchange a closeness we don’t see in humans as often as we would expect.  IMG_5694Each horse was distinct in color and movement.   To embrace this morning among these creates was an experience I was able to document in photos ~ until next time!

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