Impressions in the Sand

May weather is always unexpected and every changing.   Leaving PA and traveling south I encountered ever changing weather; from rain to fog to crystal clear skies.     It felt like a breath of fresh air as I crossed into the land of freedom.


I have always played it safe, but this truly challenged me.   I stepped forward into uncharted territory on this adventure.   The beach calms me, it relaxes me and I am drawn to it.    So initially I didn’t think twice about venturing forward.    Crossing over into this expansive land I could feel every nerve ending standing at attention.  Wow, am I really doing this?     But what it took from me is trusting myself; that I am capable of handling the vehicle and then mastering the change of terrain and ultimately enjoying what laid out in front of me.

IMG_2526The impressions in the sand represent others who have traveled before me.   I could chose to follow or blaze my own way.   Riding in their paths provided a sense of security and comfort.   Crossing out of those lines and feeling the shift and sway as I found a new way.    The tendency to brake hard and clench the steering wheel was ever present.  Onward and up the beach I ventured.   The windows were down and the air was fresh.

Sand gives and goes and with time wind and weather those impressions of others disappear.   For a brief and fleeting moment you are making your mark.    I needed to trust myself and ease into the day and what was before me.   I am drawn to the quiet calm of this land.   I do understand that it is to be respected and shared.

Learning to trust myself anything is possible.    The impressions in the sand have left their mark on me.   I want to go back and explore what is possible.   I want to be challenged.    Do you leave impressions that leave a lasting legacy?   I hope I have, but if not I will continue moving in that direction til I do!




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