Sleeping Beauty

I was walking the beach on a beautiful Sunday morning in the hopes of catching pictures of sunrise when I stumbled upon what I initially thought was a dog.      This sleeping beauty was being protected by his watchman.


His back to me, but this magnificent creature knew I was near   He was standing watch over the sleeping baby.    The beach was empty and I was able to sit and watch.    The camera ever present to capture those rare moments.

These creatures were about thirty feet apart, with the waves crashing the day rolled by as time stood still.      The watchman tired on his feet and in a brief moment dropped to the sand and rolled with his feet in the air.  It was as if a toddler was scratching his back.    I was mesmerized and missed this unique opportunity to capture this rare childlike behavior.   Then the watchman just got comfortable in the sand.


I was accepted, I was trusted as I walked closer, neither creature moved.   As the wind blew through their manes, they were calm.    I honored their space.   It was an absolute perfect moment to BE present and focused.    Beauty surrounds us daily, we just have forgotten to take the time to enjoy it!


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