Flowers and Ferns

Wandering through the trails in Virginia, the sounds of the hustle and bustle of everyday life far removed from ear shot.  Small Fern High in the hills and wandering the Application Trail, I was amazed at the beauty and constantly changing terrain.     The trees were taller and the woods thicker but what struck me is the ferns and the wildflowers.  When I first entered the path,  they were small and delicate to start.

As I ventured forward, the wildflowers that were just outside of the lodge was like a blanket of yellow mixed among the rocks.   And these yellow beauties grew in abundance the further I ventured onward down the trail.      A mixture of softness among the rocks drew me in.    Patches growing up out of nowhere.

The ferns I knew were knee or ankle height and grew in a really dense and moist region.   But here, they were abundant.     It was hard to explain how magical this place felt.    This is one of my favorite pictures of this section of the trail.


You could almost feel the energy speaking and calling you forward.    And scattered throughout this place, you would find the random flowers peaking through the greens

Rich and green between rocks and surrounding trees.   As I ventured deeper and deeper the ferns got taller and taller!    These were almost chest height and hard to see over or through.    And then even further onward, the ferns were over five feet in height.






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