Storm Dance

Far off in the distance you could see it coming.   The dark clouds gaining strength with the rays of sunlight behind.   Standing atop the edge of the cliff I was mesmerized watching the clouds twist and turn, reshaping themselves within minutes.


Time stood still as I watched in the quiet of the waning day.   There was no wind, you could see the bands of the rain off in the distance.   But here perched on the stone overlook calm surrounded me.    An occasional lightening strike emerged through the clouds, but no thunderous booms, just quiet!

I found this spot days earlier and arrived just after dinner to sit and just BE.   I loved just sitting among the trees, my own private oasis if you will.

The night prior, it was a struggle to find space to capture the sunset, and tonight there was no one sharing this space.    The light changed, it got a little darker but the textures of the sky danced before me that night.

The colors in nature are better than any box of crayons ~ rich, alive and moving across the sky.    I am always on the lookout for some great vantage points to capture those random shots.  IMG_5988.JPGOne minute they are there and the next forever gone.   How many of us miss those opportunities in life?   You get to do BOTH AND …. being present to nature and our surroundings and enjoying every minute!


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