Garden Party

I had the privileged to photograph a bridal shower in the rolling hills of Chester County.     Set in and among horse country.

img_6357.jpg The sun shining through the trees and added a glimmer of excitement to the air.







No detail was missed.   The tables all sat dressed in dusty blue against the lush green of the grass that danced with the white chairs.    Enveloped in the clearing among the trees the tables were set with crystal to taste the wines that were served.

There was a gentle breeze that surround you and the feeling of celebration entered the space as the guests arrived.     Being the fly on the wall and capturing the raw beauty of the day and each guest, is what speaks to me.

It’s not about staging or posing, but exposing the authentic beauty of those surrounding this special lady and the day.
51  6.23 LK Shower.JPGThe appetizers and wines were chosen to compliment each other.    The sommelier orchestrated the afternoon with history and stories of the vineyard and the distinct region they came from.

24 6.23 LK Shower

The day floated by with ease as the afternoon waned, lunch was served in the garden that afternoon and topped off with the most amazing macaron tear.  78 6.23 LK Shower The refreshing dessert melted in your mouth.     One of these delicacies was not enough!     This was a day that the bride will truly remember.   One of a kind surrounded by family and friends.    I am grateful to have been apart of this celebration.

54 6.23 LK Shower


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