Lake Time

On a glorious afternoon in August a group of friends gathered for a reunion.   The magic of the water was aparent.   Opening up the doors to the home and stepping out on the deck you were drawn to the water.

The abundance of dragonflies danced around us.  IMG_8033 This little slice of heaven provided the perfect backdrop for conversation, connection and relaxation.   The sun was bright in the sky and we took to the water, floating the day away.     Music was ever present and the rafts were in abundance.   What a perfect way to spend a weekend with friends re-connecting!

IMG_8158Too often we set priorities in life that don’t include self care.    Everyone in attendance felt the magic of the weekend.    Laughter and food were in no short supply.   Journally, hiking, hot tub and roasting marshmellows apart of the experience.

Life is too short ~ embrace these little treasures when presented.   We missed those that were unable to find there way.   However, special memories were created and thank you to those who made the time in their busy lives ~

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