Red Truck

This beauty arrived one afternoon ~ out of no where and no owner was around. img_7498.jpg   I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed my camera to capture this unique machine.    From a distance the red polish glimmered in the sun. img_7507.jpgDrawn to the lines and rareness of this find parked across from my home surrounded by the beauty of the greens.    No dust graced it.   It shined in the sun and caused any passerby’s  a double take.


I grew up with a father that loved vehicles, he has his own gem.   He spoke of the cars and the shows that he attending so when I saw this find it spoke to me.     I did not want to disturb or touch this truck.     When you speak to guys on vehicles, they ask manual or automatic ~ I didn’t care, it was about the lines, the color and it had vintage plates. IMG_7522

In the ten minutes I wandered around it I marveled and noticed the distinctions that made it different.   I have no idea how old this truck is.   I cannot answer the questions many of you want to know.   My request of you is to embrace it’s beauty and the individual who loved it enough to park it across from me that fateful afternoon!



Thank you ~ for those of you who know the make model and details ~ feel free to share and enlighten us!

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