Playful Mind

Initially the mind is present to the surroundings when setting out on a hike with the initial 4-5 miles of being totally focused and embracing the freedom and the fresh air.


Then somewhere along the trail the mind starts to wandered and focus on other things.  You start noticing the creations that nature has formed over time.   Those that hike with me realize, I am a sucker for contrast, unique structures, rock formations and anything that stands out.



At times the trails all look the same and I seek to find those things that jump out at me.     With the winds that wipped through the hills, I expect over time that as with us, it manipulates, twists and turns the trees.

IMG_3501 The  day was filled with entertainment if you will.   Some of these trees represented various animal formations.   Whether a horse or a deer with antlers.   A deep sea creature looking at you with BIG eyes.   There are always different formations made with the trees.    One such formation looked like a frogs butt hanging off the tree.      The deeper into the woods we ventured, the more creative the formations seemed to appear!


Nature truly has a sense of humor and if we are present to our surroundings it can teach us.    What is available to you?   What can stepping outside teach us ~ be present!  Get grounded and appreciate what Life has to offer.

I look forward to more adventures and creatures in the woods!



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