August morning

The white trail called us forth this morning.   The weather was cooler and no humidity.    This trail embraces and hugs the lake I dubbed as my “happy place”.  IMG_6761 Maggie was grateful to be out exploring the scent.

The boats all sat waiting for their owners to dance with them on the water.  The fisherman were already out with their lines cast.   The sun was just rising as we ventured forward.       Its been so hot and humid the longs walks were not possible for Maggie so today was definitely a treat!


The air was fresh and a gentle breeze graced us as we moved along the white trail.   It’s one of the longer ones and today we completed it.   New flowers were present and an abundance of dragonflies and butterflies danced along our way but never long enough to have captured their images.

Every opportunity to put her feet in the water Maggie jumped at the chance and almost took me and the camera for a dip too!!!   This is a happy girl who loves adventures.


It felt good to be outside.  To wander and explore the full distance and let Maggie’s nose explore.     It was amazing that this August morning was cooler and crisper in color that days of the past ~ there is almost a sense that summer is coming to a close.

Nature is magical!   It refreshes and refuels me.   This is the place I come to think and be present to my surroundings.   I chose to level the technology behind and and capture the images that appear before me.    I can walk the same path day after day and then one day something totally different jumps out and says – take my photo today!

What is calling you forward today?     Time to explore the possiblities ….


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