I fill my world with color.   I am left-brained, creative, intuitive and expressive.  IMG_7869.JPG I see contrast and can capture rare moments that might pass others by.     My soul is refreshed and renewed in the sunshine and apart of this is my favorite flower ~ the sunflower!


I jump at the opportunities to capture pictures of these beauties up close.   The origins dating back to greek mythology symbolizes turning toward the sun.

IMG_7946.JPGThey represent good fortune, long life and vitality in Chinese culture.   Sunflowers represent optimism and happiness which is me ~ if you truly know me!

“Sunflowers are a symbol to remind us to follow our instinct, follow our joy, follow what lights us up.”


What flower calls to your heart, what animal resonates with your being?   Stop and notice – is it a color, a scent or a season?      Uncovering your true self and what speaks to you is at the heart of what makes you unique.   Its time to explore the beauty of the world around you!


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