One in a million

What are the chances that I stumbled upon this beauty, in the vassness of the beach on a warm October day.


Unique, one of a kind in the randomness of the shells on the beach.


When lost in the hustle and bustle of life to take a weekend and embrace the day.  No alarm clock, no appointments, no where to be, nothing to accomplish.  When was the last time you gave yourself that time?   Me – it’s raw!

IMG_9842My body woke to the day before sunrise, what a gift to capture the sunrise at the beach with a camera in hand.   The day was calm, the air was warmer than expected in mid-October.    I always have my camera with me, but today was a gift.     Maggie and I headed out to see what the morning presented and it did not disappoint me.    No coffee, no journaling, no planning!  The richness of the morning shown through the clouds, the water was calm and the birds seemed to dance in the morning rays.

IMG_9860I love days like this.  I tend to over schedule because it is in my nature to help people and be focused out.   Today, I got to embrace the BE – BE present to my surrounds, to BE one with nature.   What I have recognized is that I rarely give myself this opportunity.  I rarely give myself down time to sit without an adjenda, without a to-do list.   Today it was feet in the sand, water and the calmness of my surroundings.


I have gone and done alot this past year, but sitting outside lost in my surrounding centers my soul and recognizing how these opportunities should be embraced more often ~


I am committing to taking more time for ME, committing more time to embrace the BE and recognizing that every day I get to find that ONE in a Million.


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  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful shots!


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