Fairies run free!

Clarity comes when you quiet the brain!


Sitting high on the rocks deep within the woods, my heart dances and my brain, the to-do list of the day disappears.   The abunance of the nature that surrounds me fills me with peace.   Regrounding my soul is where I needed to be today!


This time in nature among the rocks, leaves and trees is refreshes my being on this glorious afternoon.  Maggie was exploring the scents of the forest.

The sun was shining through the trees; seeing cobwebs strung among the tiny branches and shimmering in the light.  The sounds tucked in this cove are the rustling of the remaining leaves on the trees and the gentle breeze of the day.  IMG_7854

I am grateful to have found this spot where the fairies dance and the gnomes run free.  Sitting quietly is what I need.  Removed from the hustle and bustle of the days.   For 50 some years, I never gave myself grace to rest.  I ran til my body kindly reminded me who was in charge.  I never listened to my soul though it called many times.   Disconnected from the white noise of traffic, technology and even the energy of others helps me to find balance.    I have been going non-stop for weeks and today this place more than any other called forth to me.  IMG_7835With journal in hand, backpack at the ready I ventured forth to find that perfect spot.    To sit, to mediate to journal absorbing the sunlight through the trees and to connect and be present in nature.

I have been here before and I get to listen to my soul as it gets to be rejuvenated.    We miss so many opportunities.  This way of being was never taught to me.   It sounds so simple, but to come to a place of rest and just let the day melt away has taken me a very long time.   I am so grateful to recognize that this is what I need on a regular basis.

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