Clarity and Reflection

I have always been able to channel my energy and stay focused or so I thought.   I am the best multi-tasker;  able to get alot of shit done.  IMG_7668

But I never realized that I never gave myself down time to relax and gain clarity of focus, clarity of vision and embracing the day.    IMG_7634

In recent years, I have found that the outside provides a much needed RESET button if you will.    I can quiet my mind of the to-do list.   I can get lost in the woods, trails and when you add water, a lake, a stream my inner chatter disappears.

trail 1

I can tell when I have way too much on my plate that my anxiety increases, I have trouble focusing and nothing on the to-do list gets completed.  IMG_7692  I was never one to acknowledge anxiety, it is more of a restless spirit.    Putting my feet in the soil, surrounding myself in nature is the best remedy for me.  I grab the dog, my hiking boots and head for trails.    Today was one of those days or restlessness, being in nature and sitting on a stump was the best medicine I could give myself.

The leaves have started changing and taking in the beauty of the shift in seasons through the lens of a camera truly awaken my spirit and my creativity.   What do you do or do you even recognize when you are out of balance?  IMG_7693

The best gift we can give someone is to teach them to be present to nature and just how amazing it is to experience when we sit and listen to the squirrels run among the trees gathering nuts.   Listen for any birds that dance high in the trees.   Breathe the freshness of the air surrounding you in this place of peace.   Today I gave myself the gift of time.   I gave myself the gift to sit and reflect!

What are you doing for yourself today or any day?


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