Season of Change

After many weekends lost to rain, it was a glorious day to set out on an adventure through the fields of Chester County.    With my trusty pup by my side we set out to explore!20181028_141349

The weather was crisp and full of fresh smells that kept Maggie’s nose occupied as we ventured forward.   Some of the fields had been harvested while others remained untouched.

There was a distinct contract between the crystal blue sky and the stalks of corn husks that remain attached.   The husks hang there heads as they await their harvest fate.


I love venturing out into the fields and capturing nature.  20181028_144627Chester County has many areas for hiking and exploring.   The squirrels have already had their fest as the kernel are gone!   The sounds of the surrounding homes and traffic disappear the further we get into the fields.   Deer off in the distance.    To sit and take in the once abundance of corn and the fields that are now open is such a direct contrast to the hustle and bustle of our lives.    It takes me awhile to relax into the quiet and calm the brain from the to do lists of life.   But being in the midst of the scents of fall really does calm the soul.20181028_141353Get out in nature ~ it is good to rest and breathe in some clean air!


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